Big Potholes, Big Problems

By Beth Alexander

Jackson – City work crews are on the street Monday-Friday, 8 am until 3:30 pm. They repair about 3,000 potholes a month, covering about 1,200 city miles. But for some residents, they aren't doing enough.

Angela London says she hit a pothole, blew out her tire and barely missed hitting another car. Now she's repairing the damage – out of her own pocket. But Chris Mims with the Office of the Mayor says you could be reimbursed for damage to your car. You have to report the damage to the Risk Management Division of Public Works. Then, a risk manager will come out and assess the damage. You can make a claim by calling 311 – the city hotline.

In the meantime, the City plans to spend $2 million in March on roadways in residential areas and at intersections. The Mayor is also asking the City Council to approve a $10 million bond for repaving.

Stantec – a Jackson based road rating company – will start rating city streets in the nect 4 to 6 weeks. The company rates streets from 1,000 (the best streets) to zero (the worst streets). After the rating is complete, the city will repave streets with a rating of 300 or less.

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