New Tax Refund Scam Targets College Students

By Malary Pullen

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – The IRS is issuing a warning about a tax refund scam targeting college students. The scammers want students’ personal information to file tax returns claiming fraudulent refunds.

Promoters of the American opportunity education tax credit are telling filers they can receive a one thousand dollar tax credit, but they're charging taxpayers five hundred dollars to file.

The IRS has already detected and stopped thousands of these false refund claims in recent weeks.

“The American opportunity tax credit is an education credit for the first four years of post secondary education.”

According to Robert Cummings, CPA with Cummings and Cummings tax service, the IRS will allow college students to take that tax credit.

They would then get a thousand dollar refund if they don't owe any income tax.

If someone is offering you free money and asking for personal information to file this tax credit, it's a scam.

 “The IRS will not notify you through social media or text messaging.”

According to the IRS scammers are using homemade flyers and internet solicitations… according to Cummings if the IRS contacts you it will be through the u-s mail and rarely by the phone…

“Anybody who works with the IRS will immediately identify themselves with their id number.”

Do not disclose any personal information to someone who doesn't already have it.

“If the IRS contacts you, they are already going to have your personal identification numbers, social security numbers and any other vital information on your tax return.”

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