Copiah Academy’s The Colonel

Copiah Academy's The Colonel (Image 1)

Mascot’s Name: The Colonel

Mascot’s School: Copiah Academy

How do you keep the energy pumped at games?

I DANCE!! The crowds seems to love when I show off my sick dance moves!! I give them some headstands, and finish it off with ,my signature move, THE WORM!!

What’s your favorite way to interact with fans?
Doing My Dance

What makes you the best Mississippi mascot?

Personally I believe I’m the best mascot because I love what I do! I love the feel of the Friday night lights, and the roar of the home crowd! Nothing is like that feeling you get after you put a smile on a fans face! These are the reasons that make me the best mascot in Mississippi!

What is the best thing about being a mascot?

Honestly the best thing about being the mascot is the memories being made every time I step on the field of a football game, or the gym for the pep rally! The fans are just great, and being able to represent my school spirit for them is fantastic! Most of all, I love what I do as the Copiah Academy Colonel!

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