McLaurin High School’s Hank The Tiger

McLaurin High School's Hank The Tiger (Image 1)

Mascot’s Name: Hank The Tiger

Mascot’s School:
McLaurin High School

How do you keep the energy pumped at games?

I try to make the cheerleaders more pumped first. I will get there pom poms and mess around. Then I will go in the stands. I will go hug people, play with the kids, and I will mess with the band make them pumped. The band and the cheerleaders are the ones that have to be pumped. I’m like the one that pumps them up. When I’m in doubt I will always dance it out. Dancing mascot is always funny.

What’s your favorite way to interact with fans?
Doing My Dance

What makes you the best Mississippi mascot?

I will always be supportive of my team and I will support the other team too. If we loose I will do my best to cheer up my team. I think a mascot supposed to be to make people happy. I think the best mascot won’t be like I don’t like that person so i m not going to make them happy – no it’s not like that. The best mascot is supposed to be that support system. I don’t care if I’m all sweaty, hot, and fixin’ to pass out. I will always do my best to make people happy. I am not just a mascot on the football field. I am a mascot and representative of our school off of the football field. I wear my suit and represent my school at community events, too. I wear my tiger suit with pride. I proud to be a Mclaurin Tiger.

What is the best thing about being a mascot?

Making people smile. That’s the best feeling for a mascot. When you see a small child that’s so happy to see you. Seeing a child that been fighting for his life and he smiles just because he saw you. Seeing kids saying they wants to be the best mascot like you. Now that’s the best feeling for a mascot.

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