Richland High School’s Rowdy

Richland High School's Rowdy (Image 1)

Mascot’s Name: Rowdy

Mascot’s School: Richland High School

How do you keep the energy pumped at games?

My mere presence signals to the Ranger Nation that it is ON and we are there to tend to business! A quick trip through the bleachers, shooting silly string on the fans or busting out my signature dance moves ensures the fans will stay “rowdy.”

What’s your favorite way to interact with fans?
Fist Bumps

What makes you the best Mississippi mascot?

My relationship with the Ranger Nation is what makes me Mississippi’s BEST mascot. Representing the school, hanging with the students, my Rowdy Facebook page and appearances within the city have proven that that I’m not just considered a mascot but I am considered a friend – a friend they know they can count on if anything is ever needed.

What is the best thing about being a mascot?

I’m blessed to have played a part in the lives of so many! Being the mascot has allowed me to, literally, watch students start Pre-K, float through the graduation walk then follow their journey through college, start families of their own and have their kids start Pre-K knowing that I would be able to share in their lives too! I’m one lucky Ranger let me assure you! No doubt – The Ranger way of life is the only life for me.

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