St. Aloysius’ The Flash

St. Aloysius' The Flash (Image 1)

Mascot’s Name: The Flash

Mascot’s School:
  St. Aloysius

How do you keep the energy pumped at games?

I yell at the fans to scream as loud as they can. I keep on until I get everyone in the stands up and excited. The louder I get, the louder the fans cheer. I run around in my Flash costume waving my arms and “flashing” my way through the stadium. It is fun to dance and cheer and to get everyone cheering. The louder we cheer, the more pumped up our football team and fans become. That is my job!

What’s your favorite way to interact with fans?

Doing My Dance

What makes you the best Mississippi mascot?

I don’t stop yelling and running and dancing until the crowd is pumped up and screaming. I want the crowd to be happy and excited!! I dance to the point where my legs hurt and I’m out of breath. By the end of the game, I’m almost as tired as the football players.

What is the best thing about being a mascot?

The best thing about being the mascot is getting people pumped up at football games and pep rallies. It is fun to have everyone just watching you the whole time and getting pumped up and screaming and laughing. To me, that is one of the greatest things about being a mascot. Making everyone happy!!!!

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