Terry High School’s Bella & Bully the Bulldawgs

Terry High School's Bella & Bully the Bulldawgs (Image 1)
Terry High School's Bella & Bully the Bulldawgs (Image 1)

Mascot’s Name: Bella & Bully

Mascot’s School: Terry High School

How do you keep the energy pumped at games?

Interacting with the fans!! If they see us pumped up, then they get pumped up!! The more energy the players feel, the harder they play!!

What’s your favorite way to interact with fans?

What makes you the best Mississippi mascot?

There is nothing like being a BULLDAWG!! Everyone LOVES a cute, cuddly bulldawg but don’t let the cuteness fool you!! We can get down & dirty and will not hesitate to defend our territory.

What is the best thing about being a mascot?

The best thing about being a mascot is the interaction with people!! We love for the fans to give us hugs and call our names – We love for the players to give us high-fives and get us pumped up before the game – We love for the cheerleaders to do a little dance with us!! Interaction with all our fans whether spectators, players, cheerleaders – THE BEST!!

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