USA Today Searching for America’s Best High School Football Coach

USA Today Searching for America's Best High School Football Coach (Image 1)

WJTV – This is the fourth installment of the competition USA Today does for high school football.  The first round of votings begins today and runs through October 8th.  This round will decide the best coach in the state.

From there the voting goes to the regional round.  This round begins Oct. 9th and runs through Oct. 18th.  The eight regional winners will move on to a national vote which starts Oct. 21 and ends Oct. 30th.

The athletic department of the winning school will receive $2,000. Other cash prizes will be rewarded to second ($1,000), third ($500), fourth ($250) and fifth ($100). All eight finalists receive banners for their schools.

Here is the link to the Mississippi voting page.  The nominees are Bill Hurst (Centreville), Bobby Hall (Madison Central), Brad Peterson (Brandon), Chris Chambless (West Point), Lance Mancuso (Bassfield), Lance Pogue (South Panola), Marcus Boyles (Petal), Ricky Black (Jackson Prep).

You can vote by going to this link

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