Madison and Clinton Police Beef Up Patrol During the Holidays

Cyclist Hit By Car (Image 1)

  If you’re going out of town and you want to keep your home safe, Madison and Clinton Police are doing extra patrol, but you have to sign up for it.  “We always leave and go for two or three days, when we come back it’s just how we left it and I enjoy that,” says Madison resident Catherine Capers.
Home watch programs in Clinton and Madison have been in effect for more than 20 years. Whenever residents go out of town this holiday season, police will be watching.

“We have officers checking houses windows, doors, making sure the vehicles in the driveway belong there,” says Lt. Christopher Dill with the Clinton Police Department.

“We provide them with a written document when the officers were there what they found, what they didn’t. We even goes as far to say we gave the dog some water,” says Madison Police Chief Gene Waldrop.

But seeing police doing extra patrol isn’t anything new for one Madison resident.

“They do it all the time, it might be two three times a day. We might see a patrol car just coming through to make us feel secure and safe,” says Madison resident Brian Heffner.

“They like the peace of mind of knowing if they go on vacation that their house is being watching, a little added security,” says Dill.

Almost 90 residents in Clinton and Madison are using the home watch program. If you do go out of town, officials say to only let certain people know. “Don’t tip people off as to where you are, where you’re going what your plans are because they look for things like that. you leave your house unoccupied then you’re asking for trouble,” says Madison County EOC Director, Butch Hammack.

If you live in the Madison or Clinton areas you can sign up online at their city websites for the home watch program.

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