MHP Totals For New Year’s Holiday

MHP Memorial Weekend Totals So Far (Image 1)

The Mississippi Highway Patrol numbers for the New Year’s holiday are in, and the MHP is saying that this holiday was a success.
The enforcement period began Tuesday, December 31 at 6pm and ended Wednesday, January 1 at Midnight. MHP considers this enforcement a success due to troopers investigating zero fatalities. Officials at the Highway Patrol did notice an increase in child restraint violations and want to stress that there is a responsibility of restraining a child inside a vehicle to ensure their safety.

Hazard                                        1421
Non-Hazard                                1043
DUI                                             78
Drug Arrests                                0
Felony Arrests                             2
Public Drunk                               1
Seat Belt                                      73
Child Restraint                            40

Total Number of Collisions        71
Alcohol Related Collisions         5
Total Fatal Collisions                  0
Total Fatalities                             0
Fatalities Wearing Seatbelts        0
Total Injuries                               27

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