Gaping Hole Breaks Through a Jackson Street

Gaping Hole Breaks Through a Jackson Street (Image 1)

“Seven this morning there it was and it seems to have progressively gotten worse.” Jackson water woes are nothing new for Judy Everett. She lives on Winchester Street where a hole that is now measuring about three feet deep and about six feet wide. 
Everett says she’s frustrated after she claims, on Saturday, she tried to report the problem to the city. But her calls went unanswered. “It was just bubbling there was no hole, but we could hear the water running in the drainage ditch there and running down Huntington. It was just gushing so I knew it was a just a matter of time,” says Everett.

Residents are set to vote Tuesday on a one percent sales tax increase to help with street re-surfacing and water and drainage improvements.  Councilman Quentin Whitwell says that this is the exact reason why people should go out and vote tomorrow.

“It’s designated for water, sewer,drainage and infrastructure. We know where the money will go we know we got the needs – if we don’t do it this way it’s going to be in other forms that will happen,” says the Ward 1 councilman.  According to the Department of Revenue, the one-percent increase would raise an estimated $15-million-dollars annually for the city.

But Everett says she doesn’t support it. “We do have old pipes but you can’t tell me they will not fix it without a sales tax increase,” says Everett.

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