MDOT De-Icing Roads

Mix of Weather Across the U.S. (Image 1)

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is using all its resources to keep the roads safe.

Icy conditions in Hinds county kept state road crews busy Tuesday as the snow and ice took over roads and highways.

“This morning, we sent crews out to place de-icing materials on the roadways. ” says Kenny Foote with MDOT

Crews were all over, doubling back in some cases.

“Sometimes we’ll have the ice that melts and then refreezes over time. We’ll continue to have to place those materials on there.” adds Foote

It wasn’t enough for truck driver Ephan Banks.

His 18-wheeler got stuck trying to cross a bridge along with another truck.

“A city this size, you should see a salt truck everywhere. I’ve seen a lot of police, don’t get me wrong but no salt truck. I’ve seen one.” says Banks

State transportation officials say for that reason, drivers should stay off the road.

“There’s a lot of snow and ice on the roadways and we’re advising people to only travel in cases of emergency.”

Some drivers tell me they hit the streets with caution to grab necessary supplies.

“It’s hard to keep traction up under your tires because of the snow. But I drive real slow and I’m trying to hey there.” says Michael Crape

Others tell me they’re not so much concerned about their own driving.

“They don’t need to be on that cell phone unless its an emergency and they need to pull off to the side of the road.” says Carolyn Varnado

While MDOT is discouraging drivers from being on the road, they give tips for drivers who just have to get out.

“Drive as slow as possible, avoid areas with a high accumulation of I’ve and snow.” Foote tells us

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