Fast-Food Proximity Affects Obesity

Fast-Food Proximity Affects Obesity (Image 1)

You’re running late for work — or hear your stomach growling — and even if you don’t want to, you turn into a fast food restaurant.  Now, some new research indicates that where we live could have some real weighty effects on our bodies. 

 Pizza, French fries, and milkshakes — we all have our weaknesses, and “out of sight, out of mind,” certainly applies to our ability to resist these indulgences because your proximity to a fast food chain is likely affecting your waist line.

Researchers found that continuous exposure to the bright lights of fast food restaurants are tempting us hit to our brakes and the impact on you is worse if you pass these places often. 

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that people who were exposed to fast food restaurants on their way to, and from work — had average body mass index of 1.21 points higher than those with the least exposure. They also ate 15 percent more food and were twice as likely to be obese.

The research — published in the British Medical Journal — concluded that stopping at a fast food restaurant has less to do with taste and more to do with convenience. 

And while the warning to eat less fast food may be obvious — it is shocking to see the actual weight implications. 

So if you are trying to watch your weight, the next time you pass a drive-by-window, just keep driving.

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