Little Known Facts about Caffeine

Little Known Facts about Caffeine (Image 1)

A hundred milligrams of caffeine a day are enough to get a person hooked.  That’s equivalent to 3 Coca-Colas or two bags of Lipton tea.  Plus, you’ll feel withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit quickly.

For many of us, morning coffee or tea is the only way to start the day. Without that caffeine jolt, some of us have a hard time waking up. Caffeine is America’s favorite drug, but there are some surprising things you may not know about it.

According to an article in time magazine, if we are talking about a hierarchy of caffeine levels, Starbucks coffee is king.

That’s followed by energy drinks like Red Bull.

Even the 16-ounce ones like Monster and Rockstar only have about half the amount of a drip-brewed grande coffee.

According to the author of the book “Caffeinated,” even with coffee shops on every street, we drink less coffee than people did in the 50’s.

Even so, coffee accounts for about two-thirds of our caffeine intake.

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