Digital Connect Adding Hours to Workload

Digital Connect Adding Hours to Workload (Image 1)

Smartphones, tablets, laptops…these little devices have really blurred the lines between traditional work hours and our off-hours.  

Many of us are tethered to our devices and even if a lot of us are complaining about always being connected, this study says most of us still think it’s a good idea.

A new Gallup poll found that 79 percent of workers view the ability to stay connected digitally outside the office as a positive.

And we’re putting this mobile technology to good use professionally too.  36 percent of us say we frequently work remotely on our devices after our work day ends.  

So who is checking in after-hours?  Men seem to be tied to their devices more.  40-percent of men, compared to only 31-percent of women reported regularly using their devices for work outside of working hours.

And this probably comes as no surprise for most: Millennials are more likely than baby boomers to log on outside the office.

Gallup says the workers who frequently check in from their mobile devices are adding nearly 10 hours to their work week, on average, by working remotely.

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