Group Claims JPS Convocation Strongly Pushed Christian Faith

Sermons at a school event. A secular group is saying not only is that a problem. They claim it’s unconstitutional.

The American Humanist Association sent a letter to the superintendent of Jackson Public Schools.

The group is saying this year’s convocation strongly pushed  the Christian faith.

According to the group, they received a complaint  from a now-unnamed teacher employed at JPS

That person says “all teachers” were forced to attend the  mandatory convocation two week ago, that included prayer and proselytizing.

Their legal department sent an 8-page letter calling- out Superintendent Cedric Gray for endorsing religion, in this case, Christianity, while being a public institution.

“Well, our issue is that you have a mandatory ceremony  where all teachers are supposed to attend. And then you  have the religious, the very religious, sermon being  presented. In that respect it violates the establishment  clause of the first amendment.”

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