Man sentenced for First Degree Murder in Hinds County

Man sentenced for First Degree Murder in Hinds County (Image 1)

JACKSON, MS – A man has been sentenced for first degree murder in Hinds County.

According to Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith, Hamin Shaheed was indicted for murdering Trinton Truss at the Pine Oaks Apartments in September 2013. Both men were reportedly involved in a love triangle and were frequently visiting the same woman at the time of the crime. Shaheed shot Truss three times in the head in a jealous rage at the woman’s apartment. Shaheed fled the scene and the victim was pronounced dead UMMC. He pled self-defense during the trial. D.A. Smith said of the case:

“This conviction and mandatory life sentence will continue to send a message that violent criminals who prey on citizens of Hinds County will be held accountable for their crimes.”

According to an official release, “First Degree Murder carries a sentence of life without parole, and the State argued for this lawful and just sentence. To the great disappointment of the Family of victim, Trinton Truss, the sentence ordered by the judge was inconsistent with the statute for First Degree Murder. The judge suspended “all but 20 years” of the life sentence. The Hinds County District Attorney is actively working to address the legal issues associated with a sentence inconsistent with the Mississippi Murder Statute.”

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