Mississippians Watching Baltimore: Another City “Bubbling Over”

Mississippians Watching Baltimore: Another City "Bubbling Over" (Image 1)

People across Mississippi are closely watching events unfold in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cliff Johnson si the Director of the MacArthur Justice Center which is run out of the School of Law at Ole Miss. He says these moments are the result when people feel helpless in their own communities.

“To the point where, when the time comes it all just bubbles over,” Johnson said.

“And I think that when you look at cumulatively what’s happened around the country in the last year it’s fair to say that these people are expressing outrage, concern about something that warrants that kind of outrage and concern,” Johnson said.

D’Andra Orey is a professor of political science at Jackson State University. He studies what he calls ‘racially traumatic and stressful events’.

The one in Baltimore gained momentum after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

“This particular incident was simply the fire, the spark, this predictable dynamite that would explode,” Orey said.

“I mean, this explodes every night in these communities with anger toward one another. And it’s really rooted in this economic depression that exists in these areas. that’s the root of it,” Orey said.

“So we have to be extremely careful when calling these things riots. This is an uprising. A rebellion,” Orey said.

There are also differing opinions on the effect of people taking to the streets. In Ferguson it resulted in a scathing review of the police force.

But Orey says that if the economic opportunities are not available, people cannot remove themselves from the cycle.

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