Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Hold Vigil for Supreme Court Hearing

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – Gay marriage supporters across the country have been gathering to prepare for monumental arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled this week.

Sunday, Hattiesburg’s Spectrum Center, which is a safe space for the LGBT community, held a candle light vigil.

“I believe by June we’re going to have marriage equality nationwide,” said Brandiilyne Dear, founder of the Spectrum Center.

It’s a day supporters of same sex marriage have been waiting for. Tomorrow, nine Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments on whether or not it’s constitutional for states to ban same-sex marriages.

The four state presenting arguments are Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

Becky Bickett and her partner of 11 years were able to get the ban on same-sex marriage lifted in Mississippi in December 2014. That was, however, before it was appealed.

They are now hoping the Supreme Court decides it is illegal to ban same-sex marriages…giving couples like them something they’ve been needing.

“I just got a really good job but she can’t be on my insurance,” said Bickett.

“I was sick a few months ago and had to have surgery. And they needed someone to sign the papers, because it was an emergency surgery. And she was unable to do it. And that’s a scary thing,” said Dear.

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear 2 1/2 hours of oral arguments from the four states.

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