Water Woes Continue for the City of Jackson

For five years Tyrone Cobbs says the mini body of water that collects at the corner of Riverview Drive in Belhaven Heights has been wreaking havoc on unsuspecting drivers.

“The water usually comes all the way up to the driveway and when people come around there, they try to go around , but some of them will go through the water and they get stuck,”says Cobbs.

Another neighbor chimed in saying,”Something needs to be done because people are tearing up their vehicles not knowing how deep the water is.”

The people who live on Riverview say they’ve contacted the city, but the problem hasn’t gotten any better.
One resident who does not want to be identified said,”I’ve seen the city come out here a couple of times since I’ve been here and they vacuum out the terrain there, but it never helps anything, it just keeps doing that.”

Cobbs says, “It’s been like this two weeks..maybe longer… two and a half weeks really.”

It’s just another of the city’s mounting infrastructure problems.
Monday, Jackson City Council approved 14 roads to be paved using federal dollars.
Neighbors hope some of that attention will spill over into their neck of the woods.

“I hope the becauseity will come and address the problem b/c we do pay taxes in the city of Jackson, and this is a major problem… It needs to be addressed immediately.”

We have contacted the City of Jackson and are awaiting comment.

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