Hinds County to fix broken windows inmates used to escape; 1 still at large

Jackson detention center escapee captured (Image 1)

JACKSON, Miss. – Hinds County authorities are still searching for a teen after he and two others broke out of the Jackson Detention Center over the weekend.

The Hinds County Sheriff’s Department tells us they are looking for 17-year-old William Smith.

Smith and two other inmates, 17-year-old Antwain Dukes and 18-year-old Gerome Moore escaped from the jail out of a broken window. Dukes and Moore are back in custody.

Dukes and Moore were arrested in January in connection to dozens of crimes in Jackson, including multiple carjackings and the shooting death of Carolyn Temple.

One month ago, four teens escaped the downtown jail.  

Carmen Davis, the County Administrator, said six broken windows could be fixed this week and the sheriff’s department says that includes the window used in this weekend’s jailbreak. 

In the meantime deputies are posted outside the jail to make sure no one escapes or brings contraband into the facility. The extra security is 24/7, Sheriff Tyrone Lewis said.

The board approved $100,000 for repairs on April 6. However, the sheriff says no repairs have been made since that time. 

WJTV asked him why inmates are housed in cells with broken windows. 

“I want to make sure I’m very clear,” he said. “Every window in that facility is deficient. Every window can be compromised and all the inmates know that so we’re in a hurry up and wait situation, until we can get these windows fixed.”

Earlier this year 21 windows were repaired but Davis said 171 windows still need to be repaired. 

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