Madison Central Student’s Family Responds to Recent Arrest

Madison Central student who stripped in class appears in court (Image 1)

Sam Perry, the teen who stripped down in class last week has been arrested again. Ridgeland Police made the arrest early Sunday morning around 5:40.

Perry, was at his brother’s house when his mother says he had another mental breakdown.  Perry got into a fight with his brother, and three other people who were at the home. Police had to use a taser to subdue him, though it only worked momentarily.

Perry’s mother says she has been pleading with police to have her son taken out of jail so he can be seen by medical professionals. Perry told WJTV News exclusively that he has secretly battled depression and other issues of the mind for a while now. Though he didn’t want to go into detail about everything, he and his mother say getting medical attention has been a priority for the family for a while now.

There was speculation that the episode stemmed from drug use, but Perry’s family claims the outbursts are all stemming from a person dealing with serious mental health issues. The family also tells WJTV it has been difficult seeing the reactions on social media, considering that people don’t know the depth of the problem. In regards to the picture being taken, Perry had a lot to say. “I feel like it was an invasion of my privacy, but with social media nowadays it was bound to happen,” he said. “Out of respect to me I would have appreciated it if someone said ‘hey man, something serious just happened to (him) instead of saying hey it’s funny. Let me post this on the internet for everyone to see.”

Perry’s classmates have started a petition on to allow him to receive his degree. They feel his diploma shouldn’t be withheld because of his mental health.

In an interview with WJTV Perry said, “I just don’t think it would be right to take it away from me for having a psychotic breakdown.”

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