What’s Working: UMMC construction projects

What's Working: UMMC construction projects (Image 1)

FONDREN – You may have noticed a crane or two dotting the Fondren skyline lately. Several major construction projects are underway at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The earth is turning at UMMC. Three sites are under construction, and by the year 2017, the campus will also be home to a new School of Medicine, a Translational Research Center and parking; lots of nice, convenient parking.

A Spring Day at UMMC sees workers busily building with an eye towards the Fall of 2017. The task is monumental, but the Hospital is growing.

Jonathan Wilson in the Chief Administrative Officer. He says, ” It’s a very good problem to have, you know, we have a large mission to improve the health of Mississippi and to do that, it takes a lot of different components, from health care, research and education, and that’s exactly what you are seeing come into play with our construction projects.”

The first one to be completed will be parking garage, then a year later, a translational research center and new school of medicine. All this building goes deeper than just brick and mortar.

Wilson says, ” By expanding the classroom space for the School of Medicine, means that we will have more doctors to take care of Mississippians around the state. By building a translational research center, we really looked at how do we take bench traditional research, looking into the microscope and Bunsen burner and turn that into patient care, and how to improve the outcomes that we see for our patients throughout Mississippi.”

And when this round of construction is done, a Children’s Hospital expansion is on the horizon.

Wilson concludes, “It’s one of those things where’s it’s a continual process and it’s always something new being built.

UMMC also owns the land across Lakeland Drive where the Meridian is being built. They’re leasing that to a private developer, who has broken ground on a massive development that will feature 240 luxury apartments. It’s set to open in Spring or Summer 2016.


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