Family Speaks Out After Man’s Car Set on Fire

Family Speaks Out After Man's Car Set on Fire (Image 1)

A man’s car went up in flames Friday afternoon after a good samaritan offered to give and man and woman a lift from McDade’s Market to the Vintage Apartments on Ellis Ave. Now, the family is speaking out.

The victim’s sister says she spotted what looked like her brother’s car, engulfed in flames.
She told me, “I was leaving my house, going down Ellis Ave. And I aw this car burning. It looked like his car. I said, well, does anybody know who was driving that car, because it looked like his car. And they say, I didn’t see anybody in it. I just saw the car was burning, and by the time I parked there, he was knocking on my window saying that it was his car.”

Both the driver and his sister have chosen to stay anonymous for fear of retaliation.
According to them, the flames may have been sparked over a mere $5.00.

His sister says, “The people that he picked up at McDade’s Market asked him for a ride and they asked him if he had $5.00, and he said ‘no, I don’t have any money.’ Then they said, ‘well pull over here, let us out in this parking lot.”

When they got out, the driver noticed his back seat was smoking and his sister says that he was struggling to get his tank out and get himself out safe. 

It was a situation that could’ve easily taken a turn for the worst-but nonetheless, a lesson learned…

His sister says, “It’s very scary, I would advise anybody that they need to be careful who they trust. You can’t trust people like that. And, just picking up someone, you know… You can’t help everyone, you know. Just be careful because it’s out there, they’re still out there…”

As for now, the Jackson Fire Department is still investigating what happened.

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