Thousands of dollars worth of guns stolen from Jackson home

Thousands of dollars worth of guns stolen from Jackson home (Image 1)

 JACKSON, Miss. – Thousands of dollars worth of guns are on the streets after a burglary that was caught on tape.  Now a local homeowner is trying to get the guns and the people who took them off the streets .

WJTV received exclusive surveillance video of the burglary. 

The victim is an avid hunter, and licensed gun owner who has been collecting them for more than 10 years. He asked that we not reveal his identity, but he came to us because he’s worried about his safety, and the safety of others.

A group repeatedly breaks into a man’s home in broad daylight. Boldly walking away with thousands of dollars worth of heavy duty weapons and electronics.

The home was first broken into on May 2nd. That’s when the homeowners decided to buy a new security system. The burglars destroyed it in less than 24 hours.

“It’s very hard for me to accept the fact that what I work hard for to earn and make for my family and I, there’s a bunch of kids who probably don’t have good parenting or parents who don’t really care about them are coming to my home and taking what I have earned,” he said.

The group can be seen circling the home three times before making their way inside. Using the video, the victim tells us the police were able to track down the suspect’s car Monday. he says the detectives told him, all but one got away and the suspect that was caught is not cooperating with police.

During one of the heists, the homeowners wife walked in on a burglary in progress. 

The owner says with weapons like this in the wrong hands, it could be dangerous for everyone.

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