Corrections officer caught smuggling contraband into SMCI

Corrections officer caught smuggling contraband into SMCI (Image 1)

JACKSON, MS – A correctional officer has been caught trying to smuggle contraband into the South Mississippi Correctional Institution.

According to an official release from MDOC, “Megan Deese, 27, had 22 cell phones, five Bluetooth devices, 10 cell phone batteries, about 1.5lbs of spice and 15 cigars when her bag was scanned Monday morning as she reported to work.”

The release also says “Deese, who lives in Leakesville, has been charged under the state law that prohibits a correctional facility employee from furnishing an offender with a cell phone or contraband item.” She posted a $5,000 bond. She faces the loss of her job and if convicted, she could get a maximum fine of $25,000, spend 3-15 years in prison, or both.

Deese was employed in February 2014 by the Mississippi Department of Corrections. It is not known what Deese’s plans for the contraband were and an investigation is ongoing. She is the 8th overall person in the state and the 6th person at SMCI to be arrested on contraband charges since April 2015, which is when Commissioner Marshall Fisher started using lockdowns as a contraband-preventive measure.

Quick Bed B Building D Zone at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility has been added to the list of of correctional facilities on lockdown and SMCI and Unit 30 at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman will continue to be on lockdown until otherwise stated. Inmates that have assaulted staff or caught with contraband lose visitation and commissary privileges when found with contraband and when they are involved in assaults on staff, but there have been recent complaints about officers being guilty of smuggling. Commissioner Marshall Fisher said of the incident:

“I have heard people complaining that we are taking inmates’ privileges when officers are the ones bringing in contraband. I take those allegations seriously, and have a zero tolerance for such criminal offenses.”

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