Man Killed in Coleman Ave. Shooting

Man Killed in Coleman Ave. Shooting (Image 1)

Family members of Eric Simmons say he was loved by everyone in the community.
They say Eric was doing what he always does, fixing cars, when he was killed in front of his home on Coleman Ave. in Jackson, just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.
Now, his family is in disbelief.

 Moore’s cousin, Lucinda Thompson says, “I was just laughing with this man a couple of days ago, and he’s like, ‘I love you cousin’. I said I love you too. and now he’s gone.”

Albert Coleman is a family friend who told me, “He was a very good person you know what i’m saying. I know him from high school. I’ve never known him to have any enemies, you know. It’s got to be a mistaken identity.”

 When police arrived on the scene, Simmons lay dead next to his cousin’s car. Police are still trying to figure out why.

 Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance says, “The motive for this shooting is unclear at this point. apparently he was approached by a lone gunman and without saying anything, just opened fire on that individual.”

 For Albert Coleman, Eric Simmon’s death speaks to the never ending violence plaguing too many of Jackson’s neighborhoods.
He says, “Everybody’s got guns, i mean this is crazy, this is senseless. they get killed around here everyday for no apparent reason and it makes no sense.. everybody’s got guns now.”

Anyone with information on the gunman in this case is asked to contact Jackson Police.

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