What’s Working: Northside Elementary awarded as Healthiest School in Mississippi

What's Working: Northside Elementary awarded as Healthiest School in Mississippi (Image 1)

JACKSON, MS – Northside Elementary is the Healthiest School in all of Mississippi. That honor comes courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield, and it’s much more than just a plaque on the wall and a pat on the back.

It’s always nice be Number One. And for the second and third graders at Northside Elementary that title means a healthy head start in life, and a state of the art piece of playground equipment.

A strong physical education program is a vital part of becoming a healthy school. You’ll have a hard time finding a teacher any more dedicated to her craft than Coach Carter.

Northside Principal Joy Tyner proudly says, ” We have the number one P.E. teacher in the state of Mississippi in Coach Carter, and she does a great job in getting these kids ready for healthy life styles.”

It also doesn’t hurt that children seem to love her class. The cafeteria also played its role.

Principal Tyner says, ” Well we have a great food services department that had already made sure that our kids were having really healthy meals and healthy choices, so that knocked out one of the indicators for us.”

While waistlines might not be growing here, enrollment is. Now the playground could stand to get a  little bigger. Thanks to the a $50,000 award from Blue Cross , that is going to happen.

Principal Tyner beams, ” I had that money spent before we ever won it. We’ve been growing a lot here, this school, (during) the past several years, and our playground is in great need of expanding, and I’ve been looking at this German engineered piece called a Berliner Rope Climber, so we hope to get that on our playground for next year, so our kids can climb and work on agility and strength.”

With that Northside Elementary should be a strong contender in the healthy school competition for years to come.    

Blue Cross also designated 3 other schools as Healthy Schools. They’ll each received $25,000.

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