Heavy Rains Damage Vicksburg Road

Vicksburg Road Repaired After Report of Rain Damage (Image 1)

Monday, a viewer living on Red Oak Drive in Vicksburg sent in cell phone video of two vehicles stuck in the dirt and gravel road after heavy morning down pours.

Julisa West lives on Red Oak Dr. And says, “Every time it rains, you know, it gets really bad. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

Her mother, Elaina Flores lives on the same street and says she had to get a neighbor to help her get her jeep out of a muddy mess.
She says, “This morning I was driving down the road and I was in the hole like this… One side was up and the other side was down.”

Further down the road Elaina says the school bus carrying her son almost flipped over when it hit a crater on Red Oak Dr. and Hackberry Rd.
Her son Larry West, who was riding on that bus says, “We hit a ditch down there by the woods. We all got scared and ran off the bus. The back tires came off and I flew over the seat to the next seat.”

“I called the school and I called the bus barn and I told them not to bring my kids down 145 Red Oak Drive, and they did.”, said Elaina.

We saw another bus trying to drop off school children on the same road, however unsuccessful.

Elaina says she’s called numerous agencies including Environmental Services, in an attempt to get the road repaired, but according to her, she was told she’d have to pay out of pocket because the road is privately owned.

We left messages with B.P. Buford, the owner of the mobile home development that sits on Red Oak Dr.
We have not yet heard back.

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