Officer Shot in Knee at Jackson Convenience Store

Officer Shot in Knee at Jackson Convenience Store (Image 1)

  JACKSON, Miss – A Jackson police officer is recovering after a close call in the field.

Officer Adelbert Moore took a bullet to the knee while trying to clear a crowd outside of the Express Fuel Gas State on Northside Drive Sunday night.

Police Chief Lee Vance tells us there were hundreds of people close to the store. He says the group meets there regularly to just hang out and show off their cars. He says it is call cruising and it causes serious problems for those around.

Officials tell us that there have been several incidents at this store and some of them have become violent.

The most recent incident was a raid where police found out they were selling spice a synthetic form of marijuana.

Jackson Police also say they arrested Desmond Brown one of co-owners of Express Fuel Time for possession of marijuana today. Brown was one of the men arrested during a spice bust at his gas station last month.

Four people were taken into custody for questioning in connection to Sunday’s shooting. Police say if evidence can support it, they will be arrested and charged for the shooting.

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