FAITH IN FOCUS: New Beginning Ministries Goes Off-Program

FAITH IN FOCUS: New Beginning Ministries Goes Off-Program (Image 1)

Service at New Beginning Ministries of Vicksburg doesn’t quite have the feel you might get at a standard church. Member Marcus James explains.

“No more church as usual. Pastor King would always say ‘no more church as usual’. And when she first started saying that I was saying ‘Well, I’m used to going to a church that has a program. You know, we’re going to follow by the program and if it’s not on the program than we’re not going to do it’,” James said.

“But, When I first came here it was ‘No more church as usual’. And by that, she simply met that there is no program. We’re going to completely follow by the holy spirit,” James said.

“This ministry is removing barriers. We give you freedom to express your love for God any way you like without any hindrances. Without anybody saying ‘That’s not the order’,” Pastor Michelle King said.

Pastor King founded the church about 11 years ago with the idea of bringing people together who felt they didn’t fit-in at other churches.

She says she was one of those people.

“And I was just at a low point in my life. Just at a low point coming out of a bad relationship. And interestingly enough, that relationship led me to God. We were in church together. But not in church, for lack of better words,” Pastor King said.

“[God] has made a supernatural impact in my life. And because he has so affected me then that same tenacity, that same perseverance, is how I go after God’s people,” Pastor King said.

She says her faith helped her overcome depression with the help of other work. Marcus James follows that same path by finding relief by contributing his voice in gospel music.

“There’s a phrase that I heard a long time ago: ‘Music makes the world go ’round’,” James said.

“And I completely agree in that statement. To me, if it wasn’t for music, I probably would have committed suicide a long time ago. I probably would have gave up on life,” James said.

The church as also been involved in a number of outreach programs including clothing and food give-aways. They’re also involved in a group supporting women and girls in Warren county.

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