Convicted Murderer Removed from Hinds County’s Custody

Convicted Murderer Removed from Hinds County's Custody (Image 1)

A convicted murderer has been removed from the custody of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department after receiving a shocking tip.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections received allegations that 49 year-old Jerry Mack was allowed to take a county vehicle home for overnight stays, along being paid to work on personal vehicles and run personal errands. 

Authorities said Mack changed out of his free world clothes in his MDOC uniform before his arrest on Wednesday.

MDOC said they found $435 in his pocket, a cellphone and a valid driver’s license. 

There was also a knife and box cutter nearby. 

Mack is now at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Rankin County.

Corrections Commissioner Marshall Fisher said Mack was not being properly supervised.

Mack was found outside a secured perimeter at a barn located outside a fence. 

He’s the 42nd inmate removed from Hinds County. The other 41 inmates, who were apart of the Joint State County Work programs, were taken away on Tuesday, due to the U.S. Department of Justice’s report on conditions at the Hinds County Detention center.

Mack told investigators he stored his horse at the farm and was paid cash to work on cars and do other errands for a county vehicle. 

He was convicted in 1996 for fatally shooting one man and wounding another in November 19, 1994. 

Mack was sentenced to life in prison for murder, 20 years for aggravated assault and three years for a drug conviction. 

An investigation into Mack’s allegations is ongoing.

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