Family members speak out after inmate’s allegations of taking Hinds County vehicle for personal reasons

Convicted Murderer Removed from Hinds County's Custody (Image 1)

A real life “get out of jail free card”.

Family members claim convicted murderer Jerry Mack was coming home at least once a week in a Hinds County vehicle.

“And he was by himself every time I see him he’s by himself,” says Mack’s niece, Alesha Aldridge.

The 49 year old was convicted of killing a man and injuring another back in 1996.

He’s been serving a life sentence as well as 20 years for aggravated assault and three years for possession of cocaine.

Aldridge lives on Champion Hill Road outside of Edwards with the rest of the family.

She says deputies gave Mack permission to take the county truck, “They allow him to come home. They allow him do different things outside of the jail for them”

“And I can’t confirm there was a vehicle used I can confirm they get 72 hour passes based on good behavior,” says Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections removed Mack from Hinds County custody Wednesday after hearing these allegations that he was using a county vehicle on his own time.

However, the family says this isn’t something that’s new.

“So he can come and go in a county vehicle and nobody notices that for years? There’s no way,” says Aldridge.

A family friend says he saw Mack just a couple days ago and he figured he was out of jail, “But he was riding around like nothing was going on.”

Family members say Mack wasn’t doing anything wrong by leaving the jail on a weekly basis.

However, Sheriff Lewis points to the previous administration for these problems.

“He hasn’t done anything wrong since he’s been free expect what they allow him to do and what they tell him to do,” says Aldridge.

“We did not allow that we don’t allow it. We will make sure we abide by the rules and regulations in the statute so if that comes out in the investigation that that was done in this administration then we’re prepared to deal with it,” says Sheriff Lewis.

According to officials with MDOC, when Mack was transferred to Central Mississippi Correctional Facility he had more than $400 in his pocket, a cell phone and a valid driver’s license, along with a knife and box cutter.  MDOC is still investigating these allegations.

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