Funeral arrangements announced for Eric Hambrick

Eric Hambrick

UPDATE: The funeral arrangements for Eric Hambrick has been released.

According to Baldwin-Lee Funeral Home in Pearl, the visitation will be on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, from 10-11:30am at the First Baptist Church of Jackson.

The funeral service will also be on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 and will start at 11:30am at the First Baptist Church of Jackson.

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JACKSON, Miss. – Eric Hambrick was struck down outside of a Jackson Waffle House, Thursday, May 28th. He died that Saturday. It happened outside of the restaurant according to Jackson Police. At first authorities responded to the call as “medical” however, surveillance video revealed Hambrick was struck by someone and robbed. The case is being investigated as a robbery and assault at this time, pending autopsy results. While Jackson Police investigate Eric’s death, friends and family mourn the loss of a talented man. He’s described as shy but the second he hit the stage Eric stole the show and stole the hearts of many throughout the Jackson community.

“Very, very talented. He had the most beautiful voice and I was very fortunate that we got to sing together on many occasions,” describes longtime friend, Cynthia Stuart.

“He had a good soul a good spirit. He was happy. Anybody knew him was just blessed,” remembers Eric’s college friend Kenneth McDade.

“Gentle soul, if I could describe him in one way he was just a gentle soul, just kind. He didn’t deserve this nobody deserves this. But of all the people he did not deserve this.” Jackson Police have not released the surveillance video or pictures of the possible suspect(s) at this time. Friends say they were shocked and anger when they heard the news of Eric’s death.

“I was mad. I was furious. I think the coward that did it to him should be caught as soon as possible,” adds McDade.

Eric worked for the Mississippi Emergency Management agency. However, his passion was for music, theater and his church.

“We text everyday. I may get a text of a cow singing a dumb song, that was Eric.” Those texts now hold a significance in Cynthia’s life. The last words ever sent to her from Eric were through an email about heaven.

“[It was] talking about how he wish he wasn’t looking at the news anymore everything was just bad. But he was so glad to know it was only temporary. he sent a beautiful picture with a beautiful song about what heaven would be like and that was the last email we got from him; not knowing how much that would meant to us at this time,” shares Cynthia.

At this time there are no suspects in custody.

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