What’s Working: Butterfly Gardens at Battlefield Park

We all remember caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies from our very earliest science classes. These marathoners of the milkweed have gently flapped their wings from Canada to Columbia and all points in between. Now they have a perfect place to come in for a landing right here in the Capital City. Battlefield Park, in Jackson is now a perfect pit stop for Monarch Butterflies on the migration that is their lives. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service recently teamed up with Keep Jackson Beautiful and Lake Elementary School students to plant of pair of gardens butterflies are sure to love.

Delmer C. Stamps is the State Resource Conservationist for Mississippi.

He says, ” So it’s really important to have the habitat necessary to support the Monarch Butterfly, which in turn provides the pollination for our crops; where we get our food and timber for this country and the world.”

With more than million public acres in Mississippi, it seems like a sound investment.

Greta Boley is a Forest Supervisor for the National Forests in Mississippi. She reminds us, ” We put such an impact on natural resources here, and for them to learn about the necessity of the environment is a big part of why we are here.”

Taking care of our resources in perpetuity. It’s a beautiful thing, but then again so is a butterfly.

Marsha Hobson is the Executive Director for Keep Jackson Beautiful, and she can dig it. Marsha says, ” They are such a beautiful part of our environment and they just make the garden more lively. Flowers from the milkweed are perennial.”

That means they will always come back, and will luck, so will the butterflies.”

The pollinator initiative is aimed connecting North and South America through thousands of miles of milkweed. And it’s nice to know that Jackson is doing its part.

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