Brandon Man Arrested in Attempted Kidnapping, Robbery, Assault

Gary Mapp

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. – Gary Raymond Mapp of Brandon was arrested Wednesday on charges of kidnapping, burglary, home invasion, strong armed robbery, aggravated assault with a weapon and impersonating a law officer.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Mapp is currently behind bars pending an initial court appearance. Authorities are asking he be held without bond.

These charges stem from a 911 call reporting a victim showed up at her residence bloody and handcuffed. The victim allegedly had been kidnapped by Mapp, who approached the victim wearing body armor and a law enforcement patch. Mapp allegedly handcuffed the victim and kept them inside their home in the bathtub, thwarting multiple escape attempts.

Police say Mapp was captured on security cameras physically assaulting the victim.

Upon investigation, in Mapp’s home, authorities later found stolen electronics, illegal weapons and a large amount of other stolen items. Deputies recovered several law enforcement badges and a police jacket, baseball caps with FBI, sheriff and police written across the front. A blue light and burglary tools were also located and seized. In addition, deputies found items that were stolen from the victim’s residence.

Mapp was found hiding in a utility room at a hotel on I-55.

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