Father warns others about hot car deaths

JACKSON, Miss.– The near triple digit heat is not just uncomfortable, it can be deadly. WJTV’s News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus brings us the story of a man who lost his young son much like this one, and he now has a message for all parents.

“Everything was just off not really understand why but it was a very difficult day to lose a child any day is a bad day to lose a child but that way with it was heart wrenching,” said Norman Collins.

Norman Collins remembers the hot day more than four years ago that he found his son Norman The third inside a hot car in a Clarksville parking lot.

He says it can happen to anyone, but it is preventable.

“Just like you may leave your phone in the car or let something spoil in your car that your had. This heat is a very serious matter,” said Collins.

Jim Pollard with American Medical Response said they receive heat related cases like Norman’s every year.

“Seems in Mississippi we we always unfortunately tragically have one or two or thereabouts every year and we want to make that a zero for all time,”said Pollard.

Pollard offers parents several tips to remember your child inside the car including leaving your phone or purse in the seat with the child.

“Absolutely never leave any child unattended by an adult in any vehicle no matter how long you going to be gone or what the temperature is outside and rolling the window down some or leaving the air-conditioning on is not good enough it’s a recipe for disaster,” said Pollard.

Research shows that the temperature inside a vehicle climbs 20 degrees in just 10 minutes and about a third of children who die in hot cars are under one year old.


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