Local church vigil for Charleston shooting victims

Churches across the nation are now coming together to remember the Charleston shooting victims.

Locally, members of Pearl Street AME church held a prayer vigil Thursday evening.

The pastor not only wanted to pray for the victims and their families, but he also prayed for the suspect and his family.

“They’re no longer in this world with hatred and bitterness and where all the evil is, they’re with the Lord,” says Pastor Samuel Boyd Sr.

Music filled the church as Pastor Boyd was praying for those who lost their lives in a Charleston church the night before, “What happened there hurt all of us here.”

Pastor Boyd says he was leaving his bible study Wednesday night when he heard about the shooting.

“I began to thank God for his protection, but not being selfish and began to pray for those families over there,” says Pastor Boyd.

Multiple people took to the podium praying for the church, community, country and children.

Church member, Kimberly Campbell says it’s important for people not to lose faith during these times, “I think it’s important for us to come together and say God is always there; even when unfortunately heinous acts are committed God is still able he’s still there and he will still pull us through.”

The main message besides prayer was to learn to erase the line of division.

“I don’t think we should be so separated whether it’s by race class or political party. I think sometimes that leads to a lot of evil acts quite honestly,” says Campbell.

Even though that church already has surveillance and armed security guards, Pastor Boyd says he wants to do everything to prevent what happened in Charleston.

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