MHSAA Offers Rules Clarification to Callaway Basketball/Clinton Track National Tournament Participation

WJTV – Three months ago, the Callaway boys basketball team was told by the MHSAA that they would not be allowed to play in a national tournament in New York City sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. This past weekend, four members of the Clinton girls track team participated in the New Balance Nationals in North Carolina.

The reason the Clinton girls were allowed to participate, while the Callaway boys were not, is due to the seasons regulated by the MHSAA. Executive director Don Hinton tells us the association does not regulate tournaments and events for teams once the school year is over.

Callaway’s invite to the basketball tournament was in April, which was still in the school year.

Hinton says if it had been anytime during the summer, they would have been given the ‘all-clear’ to go play.

Click the video above to hear more about the rule and for reaction from Callaway boys basketball coach David Sanders.

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