Mississippi State Flag Under Scrutiny

JACKSON, Miss. – Is it a piece of history or hatred? A recent online petition is circling to change the Mississippi state flag so it doesn’t represent the Confederate Flag.

“For African Americans when we see the confederate flag and for many others we also see that as a sign of racial hatred. We believe that the emblem of the confederate flag should not be flown or embedded in the Mississippi flag nor should it nor should it be flown in front of the state Capitol of South Carolina,” says President Derrick Johnson of the Mississippi NAACP.

“It’s a flag of honor. It’s a flag these men took in to battle. It was not a political statement these men were given. These men were giving their lives for their homeland,” says Chuck Bond, Historian in Chief for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Back in 2001, Mississippians voted to keep the state flag. However, in the wake of the South Carolina massacre and the confederate flag flying at its Capitol, the conversation as reignited.

“I just don’t think that anything that’s going on right now has anything to do with the flag. I think the flag should be left alone,” says Confederate and state flag supporter, Sam Yount.

“Would you fly a Swastika in this country today knowing the atrocity that the Nazis brought upon the Jewish. Would we fly the flag of Al Qaeda today knowing that symbols actually matter,” says Johnson.

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