Group protests Confederate flag at State Capitol building

JACKSON, Miss. – The confederate flag battle is one of the nation’s hottest topics, including right here in the Magnolia state.

BRING DOWN THE FLAG 2A group gathered at the State Capitol Building Monday morning to protest the flag.

The group says the Confederate emblem is known as a symbol of hate and it downs’t represent the people of Mississippi.

They said there is one main message that they want to get across and that’s “Stand up, take it down.”

The Magnolia Bar Association issued the following statement in regards to the flag:

In light of recent national events and a need for change, the leadership and members of the Magnolia Bar Association join in the call to remove the Confederate flag symbol from our state flag. As citizens of this great state, we are united by our love for Mississippi and by our hope to move beyond the past and move forward towards a brighter future. While the battle flag’s place in our history as a state and as a nation cannot and should not be eradicated, the time is now ripe to remove a symbol that divides us more than it reconciles us. It cannot be overlooked or ignored that the confederate emblem is one that represents a history that was overwhelmingly painful for African Americans. It is also uncontroverted that the emblem represents a time of slavery, hate, oppression, inequality and is an insult to many people of this great state more that it is a representation of Mississippi’s history. Although the confederate symbol has its own importance in history, the manner in which it is displayed is without a doubt offensive. There are libraries, museums and other sites that are more appropriate to display the Confederate emblem and give it credibility it deserves, however, the Mississippi State flag has never been nor will ever be that place. As other states have documented their history without offense to their citizens nor without lessening the historical importance of their state and its beliefs, Mississippi should do the same. The image of who Mississippi is, as a representation through our state flag, is no longer accurate and continues to mask and portray a false sense of who we as Mississippians really are to others.
We do understand that there are some who will disagree with this position, yet the time has come to compromise and promote healing, unity and progress rather than continued separation
and disagreement. The Magnolia Bar supports all peaceful movements, rallies, statements and causes to remove the confederate emblem from the Mississippi State flag. The time for change
is now!


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