Same-sex couple travels to Hinds County to wed

From Calhoun County all the way to Hinds County, that’s how far one couple traveled to get married in a church.

In a truck packed with loved ones, Michael Marceleno and William Frisk drove nearly 150 miles to get married by Minister Justin McCreary at Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson after they first tried in their hometown.

“They just deny you. They think of any excuse to not do it,” says Marceleno.

Even though same-sex marriage is now legal under the Supreme Court ruling, this couple made a commitment to each other years ago.

“I said I’ll buy you a ring and you buy mine and we’ll get each other’s names on it and that will be our commitment to each other,” says Marceleno.

Now legally married, William and Michael say they consider this the second happiest day of their lives, right behind becoming parents.

McCreary says this was his 5th same-sex couple he has married since it became legal.

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