What’s Working: Jahliyah Readus

Awards days typically come at the end of the school year, as a celebration for 9 months of hard work. Most children pick up a certificate or two. But have you ever heard of student taking home more than 20 awards at single banquet?

Whether it’s reading, writing and arithmetic or science, singing and citizenship Jahliyah Readus is good at it. As if they didn’t already know, her teachers, classmates and family got plenty of proof at Oak Forrest Elementary Schools Awards Banquet.

All eyes were on Jahliyah Readus as her last year at Oak Forrest Elementary school came to a end. If there was an award to be won, she won it.

Lorenda Cheeks is the principal at Oak Forrest. She says, ” We were shocked as we were calling out the highest GPA. My first thought was to let her sit back down and keep coming back up to give her a shining moment.”

Jahliyah’s grandfather Larry Readus concurs, ” I was very shocked, I knew that she was going to get some awards, but I didn’t know she was going to get a whole wheelbarrow full.”

And it would take a big wheelbarrow.

Jaliyah explains, ” I got the highest grade point average in everything.”

She’s not bad at standardized tests either. She score tops in her county on the MCT. From her own house to the White House people are noticing.

Grandfather Larry says, “I set up with her at night and work with her, then she take it from there.”

Does she ever!  Jaliyah will take her talents Bailey Magnet Middle School next year.

I asked Principal Cheeks, ” Do you think she’s going to do okay in Middle School?” She replied, “I know she will do okay in life. I want more students like Jahliyah Readus.”

Jahliyah credits hard work and persistence as keys to her success.

She offers this advice to her fellow young people, ” To keep trying and if you fall down, it just makes you better.”

Well said.

So what does Jahliyah want to be when she grows up?  A pediatrician. It’s a pretty safe bet that she will achieve that goal.

Jahliyah wants to thank all her friends and classmates for helping her along way. She named all of them to me. It was a very long list. She is a humble and very intelligent young lady.

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