Military family celebrates Independence day

Brandon, Miss.- The rain and storms quickly scattered many families at Lakeshore Park on the Rez this morning, but WJTV News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus caught up with one family that said they will spend their fourth of July –rain or shine– celebrating our independence.

Even with the rain…the Rez was just as beautiful today for Minnie Taylor.

“To get together and talk about the olden times,” said Taylor.

That’s because she celebrated the holiday with her extended family at the Taylor-Thomas-and-Hill family reunion.

And one of her nephew’s Markeece Muriel fights to protect our American freedoms.

“Celebrating our independence…especially for a member of the armed services being a part of the navy has been a tremendous opportunity, and today it is just that much more special,” said Muriel.

Muriel’s uncle, a Vietnam War veteran, said Americans should remember and give back to the men and women who sacrifice so much.

“It’s really important to me. I really wish we could do more for the veterans,” said Robert Noel.

Muriel – a Jackson native- said the weather encouraged his family to appreciate their time together.

“The storm is coming in– the rain and everything, but you know what it is bringing us closer together as a family.  As you can tell most of our family has kinda caudled together and helped warm each other,” said Muriel.



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