Neglected Horses Rescued in Rankin County

Photo Courtesy: Rankin County Animal Control

Brandon, Miss. – Rankin County Animal Control seized four horses from a pasture in the southern part of Rankin County.

“Mississippi law says living creatures are not to be cruelly treated. that not only includes adequate food and water for an animal, but it also includes necessary medicine and medical treatment if the animal needs that what he’ll be charged with just failing to give proper medicine and veterinary treatment,” says Rankin County Animal Control Sgt. Ken Sullivan.

The horses had overgrown hooves as well bones sticking out across their bodies; they’re now in the care of the Rankin County.

“Two of them are very underweight the other two are not as bad shape weight wise however there’s a lot of other issues with them. there’s some leg injuries that weren’t treated correctly,” says Sullivan.

The owner will now go before a judge to answer to neglect charges. One of the horses will now have to be put down. “It’s only a six year old horse but since it wasn’t treated correctly and all and it’s healed back wrong that horse will, but the other three i think will be fine,” says Sullivan.

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