Natay Holmes

Natay Holmes

Natay Holmes is a native of San Diego, California, where at an early age she discovered a love for journalism and being in front of the camera. At age 5, Natay would use her dad’s video camera during family gatherings, and report the latest “news” at the Holmes residence. From then on, she knew she had discovered her passion.

Natay attended San Diego State University (SDSU), where she created a major suitable to her career. She graduated in May 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in three departments:  Journalism and Media Studies; Television, Film, and New Media; and Communications. During her studies at SDSU, Natay attended classes at San Diego City College in their News Broadcasting program.  She gained experience as a multi-media journalist; writing, editing and producing her own news stories that would air on television, through City College’s “Newscene” broadcast.

Natay took the first step in her career with an internship at KUSI-TV, in 2011. She interned for six (6) months, and was then offered a News Production Assistant position. After hard work and determination, Natay excelled in her work efforts at KUSI-TV and was promoted to a full time producer for “Good Morning San Diego.”

When not working on the days current events, Natay enjoys reading, shopping, spending time with friends and relaxing at the spa. She welcomes the thought of experiencing new ideas and places.

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