Child dies after collapsing at a local martial arts class

JACKSON, Miss. – Spokesperson for the University of Mississippi Medical Center confirms a seven year old died after collapsing at The Courthouse Gym in Jackson, Thursday night. The gym is owned by UMMC. We’re told the child was taking a martial arts class which is connected to the gym. Armstrong collapsed, a nurse who was working out nearby started CPR until the ambulance arrived. The Hinds County Coroner says Ella Armstrong passed away last night at Blair E. Batson Hospital.

So are you prepared for an emergency situation? Jim Pollard with American Medical Response says the key is to recognize an emergency: Is the person short of breath, complaining of chest pains, all of a sudden weak or have a sudden, severe headache? “If someone has massive bleeding if someone has fallen seriously then you need to call 911 immediately,” says Pollard. “We can coach folks through CPR even if you’ve never had a CPR course. We coach dads to help mom deliver a baby unexpectedly at home, we do that several times a year.”

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