Dickie Scruggs talks about “Second Chance Mississippi” program


The Mississippi man that was once considered the most powerful lawyer in America is using education to give people at second chance at life.

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs talks to WJTV about a new mission on Thursday.

“I just got too big for my britches.”

Word from Dickie Scruggs after he was asked about his time behinds bars while speaking to the Kiwanis Club in Vicksburg.  Scruggs was sent to prison after a bribery scheme in 2007.

While he was behind bars, he taught inmates Math, so that they could get their GED. He said teaching Math not only helped the inmates, it gave him a new purpose.

“It brought me back down to earth,” he said. “But it also gave me a new mission. Which is, to me, just as fulfilling if not more so than the legal and cultural and civic things I was involved in before I went away.”

Now Scruggs is helping anyone in Mississippi who wants it, through a program called “Second Chance Mississippi.”

“I commend you coming out, you could have come out and did something else,” said Kiwanis members.


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