High School Athletes Train Despite High Temps

Flowood – High School athletes aren’t taking a break from training this summer. At Jackson Prep, guys from the football, basketball and baseball teams went through conditioning Thursday. “Not only do you need multiple water breaks but nobody at anytime is denied water or rest.”

They start working out around 6:30 each morning. Head Football Coach Ricky Black says they split the sessions up between outside drills like these and weight training indoors, “Have a lot of water breaks and breaks during practice. Hydrate before and after practice. What you do really during the fall when you have football. You sleep, eat, practice, sleep eat drink practice again. That’s what you do for about two weeks.”

Last August, Jackson Prep Football player Walker Wilbanks passed away after getting sick during the school’s first home football game. He was taken to a hospital and doctors determined that he died as the result of having too little sodium in the blood. Football practice for this season kicks off in two weeks. Those practices last about 2 hours each day. Jackson Prep goes on the road to Oak Forrest in the first game of the season on August 21.

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