West Nile Found In Rankin County Mosquitoes

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. – This time of year, you’d be hard pressed to find a place where mosquitoes aren’t flying.

Some of those mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile virus in Rankin County.

“The numbers that we catch let’s us know, we’ve got a problem in that area we need to start focusing in that area and we also take those mosquitoes and submit those samples to the state,” said Kris New, the Regional Director of Vector Disease Control International.

According to VDCI, a number of Culex mosquitoes carrying West Nile were trapped by the Mississippi State Department of Health near the Castlewoods community.

The traps and treatment are a part of an aggressive approach to stay on top of the virus before it spreads to humans.

“When we have hotter dryer weather like this, this is when it can become active…because we don’t get the recent rains to flush out the water,” New explained.

“It’s a little disturbing because, I have children and dogs and i like to sit outside and read and we get bit by mosquitoes all the time,” Resident Stephanie Shortt, told News Channel 12.

“I had West Nile virus just a couple years ago, and now that they tested for West Nile sampling mosquitoes–it makes me kind of nervous to have to go through it again if it should be,” West Nile survivor, John Prystupa explained.

While the thought of the virus has some people on edge, officials say the traps don’t exactly mean the mosquitoes are breeding in that neighborhood

“Just because it’s in one particular place, that doesn’t mean right there is where the problem is,” New said.”These mosquitoes have a flight range of several miles.”

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